Tuesday, 22 March 2011

606 Tuesday and Wednesday 15th and 16th March

Well as I mentioned earlier... I had to get out and about due to the size of the hotel room, and I am back there next week too!
On the 15th it was the turn of:
Dan Reinstein - Sax Tenor
Paul Jayasinha - Trumpet
Tim Lapthorne - Piano
Unfortunately I didnt catch the Bass and Drummers names, but they were great, as was the special guest on Alto. Lots of Miles with Latin thrown in!

The late set was the marvellous Dill Katz with Mick Hutton on steel pan

On the 16th Ian Bellamy brought his Anorak!
And Gareth Williams on Piano, Steve Watts on Bass, Martin France on kit

The late set was John Critchinson (piano), Dave Cliff (guitar) and Alec Dankworth (bass)

As ever there are more photos on my flickr account:
And if you want to know whats going on at the 606:

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