Friday, 2 December 2011

Another Trip To London

Probably the last of this year so I popped into the 606 on Monday and Tuesday this week. I have a couple of Yorkshire gigs between now and Christmas so there should be another post to come this year.

Monday was the first outing for Davide Giovannsi's Minas Project, which brought a couple of Apple Macs and:
Davide Giovanni - Drum and Voice
Paul Booth - Various reeds, keys and Apple Mac
Neil Angilley - Piano, Keys and Apple Mac
Guille Hill - Guitars
Davide Mantovani - Bass and mobile phone

Tuesday brought 2 bands the first was Michele Drees's Rhythm Tap and Jazz Quartet
Michele Drees - Drums
? - Bass
John Crawford - Piano
Junior Laniyan - Tap
Special guest appearance Steve Rubie - Tamborine and Flute

The late set was Barry Green Trio with standards and interpretations (including one from Charlie and the chocolate factory:
Barry Green - Piano
Dave Whitford - Bass
Jim Hart - Vibes

As ever more photos on flickr

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Jazz Night at Greystones Sheffield

It was the 20th October and at the top of a hill in Sheffield 3 vocalists had a jazz night with an accopmanying trio.

Cathy Hamlym - Vocals
Kate O'Neill - Vocals
Beverley Beirne - Vocals
Nick Fletcher - Piano
Kevin Shaw - Bass
James Pettinger - Drums

Cath Hamlyn

Kate O'Neill

Nick Fletcher and Kevin Shaw

James Pettinger

Kate O'Neill's car was OK in the end... just an over heated clutch with all them hills in Sheffield!

As ever there are some more photos from this gig on my flickr  account

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Marsden Jazz Festival 2011

As I mentioned before, the second gig of the week was Beverley Beirne at Marsden Jazz Festival, singing a mixture of standards, interpretations and lesser known jazz songs, with Derrick Harris on guitar.

As ever more photos on flickr

606 October 2011

Well after a quiet summer.... There are photos but they will come later!
I made it to two gigs last week.
The first was the 606 Ian Bellamy and the Kit Downes Trio followed by Mark Edwards who brought Ben Castle, Andy Cleydert and a dummer who's name escapes me, please let me know.

Ian Bellam in Monks reflection?

Callum Gourlay

James Maddren

Kit Downes

Ben Castle ans Andy Cleydhert
As ever there are more photos on flickr:

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Good vibes at the 606

Nope its certainly not the late 60s...
The Jim Hart Trio played some new material at the 606 on Tuesday 14th Jume night.
Jim Hart - Vibraphone
Michael Janisch - Bass
Dave Smith - Drums

For More info about whats on at the 606:

For more photos of these and other artists I have taken:

Monday, 6 June 2011

Rod Masons Elements at Seven Jazz

Rod Mason and his Elements were at the Seven Jazz Sunday session. The line up was:
Rod Mason - Sax's and flute
Richard Whetherall - Piano and Keys
Richard Hammond - Bass
Dave Walsh - Drums

Rod led us in gentley with the flute.

Yep Richard is playing both keyboard and piano at the same time!

As ever there are more pics:

And to see what else is happening at Seven Jazz:

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Scenes in the City

Arnie Somogyi brought the music of Mingus to Seven Jazz on 19th May
With an all star line up of:
Arnie Somogyi - Bass
Alan Barnes - Sax
Tony Kofi - Sax
Alistair White - Trombone
Tim Lampthorn - Piano
Clark Tracey - Drums
An amazing gig....
What more can I say other than if you get the chance... Go

Alan Barnes Did get hold of the mic but only to draw the raffle!

When you get 2 of the countries best sax players on stage, you know that the trombonist (Alistair White) is going to have to work bloody hard to keep up!

As ever there are more pics:

And to see what else is happening at Seven Jazz:

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Some photos not posted from April

Just some shots that I forgot to post from April at Seven Arts
Howard Alden - Guitar and Jeanne Gies - Vocals came over from the states
They were supported by two Yorkshire musicians:
Gary Jackson -Bass
Caroline Boden - Green Drums!
As ever there are some more photos on Flickr:

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Mehr Clef 2011

The Mehr Clef professional development course and jazz festival was on at the Hythe Imperial Hotel, Kent.
The Tutors were:
Trevor Tompkins - Drums
Mark Hogeson - Bass
Malcolm Edmonstone - Piano
Nikki Iles - Piano
Steve Waterman - Brass
Tina May - Vocals
Lee Gibson - Vocals
Ursula Malewski - Course Director
Colin Codd - Technicals
Many - Students

Tina May at the Gala Dinner

Chris on Drums in the Bar

Mark - Trumpet and Joe - Trombone in the bar

Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Magic Hat Ensemble - JATP

The Magic Hat Ensemble played JATP as the first date of the new albums tour.
Just released today (1st April 2011) 'Made in Gorton' has some great tunes, as I have said before if you haven't heard this band I recommend you do!
I like them so much I bought the CD!
The line up is:
Steve Chadwick - trumpet
Andrzej Baranek - piano

Anthony Ormesher - guitar
Nick Blacka - bass
Rob Turner - drums

For me it was my first time at JATP, here are some of the photos

As ever there are some more photos on Flickr:

And if you want to see some Jazz in Bradford check out the JATP blog:

For future dates check

Thursday, 31 March 2011

A return to the 606 29th and 30th March

Well looks like I am back in Chelsea for a couple more nights
Wednesday night was Jacqui Hicks CD launch - A Child Is Born
To single out one song fromthis set I particularly liked 'Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered' as a Samba. The line up was:
Jacqui Hicks - Vocals
Martin Shaw - Trumpet and Fugel Horn
Bobby Wellins - Tenor Sax
John Chritchinson - Piano
Tristian Mailliot - Drums
Simon Thorpe - Bass

On the 29th it was the turn of the London Experiment, the line up was:
Marius Elexa - Drums
Ed Riches - Guitar
Jonathon Idaagbonya - Piano and Keys
Henry Collins - Trumpet
Chris Webb - Bass
Rob Hughes - Saxes

Followed by the Pete Saberton Quartet
Pete Saberton - Piano
Steve Watts - Bass
Nic France - Dums
Mark Lockheart - Sax

For More info about whats on at the 606:

For more photos of these and other artists I have taken: