Thursday, 21 June 2012

3 acts 2 nights in London

Well I was back there last week and caught 3 acts:
Trevor Mires - Trombone lead quartet
I was really impressed especially with the tribute to Abram Wilson with a great solo trombone ending to 'sentimental mood'

Jonathon Gee - Piano trio
Larry Bartley - Bass
Ernesto Simpson - Drums

Thank you to the 606 for the introduction I am going to be keeping an eye out for Jonathons work.

Benet Mclean - Piano/Vocal quartet featuring Jason Yarde - Sax
Saleem Raman - Drums
Jonathon Harvey - Bass
Played an ecclectic mix however my favorite was Rogers and Hart - It never entered my mind, as you could really hear the emotion of the song and fullness of Benets voice.

As ever there are a few more shots on Flickr

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Alexander Stewart

Well after the hiatus I happend to find myself in London again!
Yep you guessed it back to my favorite Jazz club there (no need to tell you where!)
Alexander Stewart brough his band along including Nathaniel Facey, before he went on tour with Dionne Warrick!
Vocals - Alexander Stewart
Piano - Alex Webb
Bass - Gary Crosby
Drums - Andy Chapman
Sax - Nathaniel Facey

The Late set brought some originals by Paul Carmichael and with him a fine collection of musicians:
Piano - Rick Laughlin with iPad
Bass - Paul Carmichael
Drums - Darren Altman
Precussion - Carlos Fuentes
Guitar - Tim Cransfield
Sax and Flute - Rob Hughes, beloow, keeping an eye on the music!

As ever there are more photos of the two bands on my Flickr account