Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Scarborough 2 Alan Barnes plays Alan Barnes

This was a bit of a treat not just sax virtuoso Alan Barnes, but also Jim Hart on vibes, Mark Hodgson Bass and Robin Aspland.

The Magic Hat Ensemble - Scarborough

Having a growing appreciation of this band, 2nd time I have seen them, both times I have been impressed. If you get the chance check them out.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Chapel Allerton Arts Festival day 3

Day 3 (5/9/2010) was the Jazz day...
A great line up of local talent, The Magic Hat Ensemble were there, but more of them in Scarborough!
I have to say that outdoor photography is becoming more out of my comfort zone than I thought it ever would!
Here are some shots of
Richard Ormrod’s “A Dread Supreme”
Richard on tenor, baritone, alto saxes, Simon Pugsley, trombone, Chris Campbell, guitar, Bob Birch, organ, synths, Alex Davis, bass, Spear, percussion, Sam Hobbs, drums

If you hear they are around definately worth checking them out.

And rounding off the day was Rod Mason’ s Elements
Richard Hammond (bass) Richard Wetherall (piano) Dave Walsh (drums)

Monday, 11 October 2010

Imperial Wharfe Jazz Festival

I only got the Thursday night gig....
However it was Dennis Rollins with Nathanial Facey guesting!
Well what can I say thank you both absolutely fantastic gig.


Saturday, 9 October 2010

606 again!

Yep, some more photos of the 606 Club...

Leon Greening            

 Followed By the Nick Weldon Trio

Felix Weldon

Nick Weldon

Tim Wells Bass

A selection from the 606 in September

I was based in London for some of September so crept into the 606 club!
My favorite London Jazz Club

1st Sept

John Law - The John Law Trio
Asaf Sirkis

Mark Lockheart

Steve Watts

Ian Thomas

Monday, 4 October 2010

Burley In Wharfedale village festival Jazz evening

I was pre-occupied helping with this gig, so didnt get out and about that much in August!
The band are:
Beverley Beirne - Vocal
Graham Hearn - Piano
Ian Mann - Bass
Ronnie Bottomley - Drums
Steve Devine - Tenor

Matt and Phreds in July 2010

Went to the Jam night this summer at Matt and Phreds Manchester

Dave Spencer runs the Jazz Jam

Nick Walters was up the night!

May and a Trip to Venice... Jazz Club

These photos were taken in the Venice Jazz club May 2010, highly recommend a trip to it if your staying in Venice overnight.

The resident band play a mix of styles so it is worth checking what's on before you go.