Saturday, 21 May 2011

Scenes in the City

Arnie Somogyi brought the music of Mingus to Seven Jazz on 19th May
With an all star line up of:
Arnie Somogyi - Bass
Alan Barnes - Sax
Tony Kofi - Sax
Alistair White - Trombone
Tim Lampthorn - Piano
Clark Tracey - Drums
An amazing gig....
What more can I say other than if you get the chance... Go

Alan Barnes Did get hold of the mic but only to draw the raffle!

When you get 2 of the countries best sax players on stage, you know that the trombonist (Alistair White) is going to have to work bloody hard to keep up!

As ever there are more pics:

And to see what else is happening at Seven Jazz:

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Some photos not posted from April

Just some shots that I forgot to post from April at Seven Arts
Howard Alden - Guitar and Jeanne Gies - Vocals came over from the states
They were supported by two Yorkshire musicians:
Gary Jackson -Bass
Caroline Boden - Green Drums!
As ever there are some more photos on Flickr: