Saturday, 19 February 2011

Yorkshire Jazz Orchestra

I had the pleasure of sitting in on the first rehearsal of some new peices by Tony Faulker and the Yorkshire Jazz Orchestra at the Saville and Chrome Studios:
Tony Faulker (conducting etc)
Alan Ladds (alto, sop, flute),
Katie Hawcutt (alto, flute),
Rod Mason, Simon Kaylor(tenor),
Tony Harper (baritone)
Dale Gibson, Tom Tait, Sean Hollis, Mark Chandler, Simon Nixon (trumpets)
Lee Hallam, Brian Archer, Andy Hiller (trombones), Tony Smith (bass trom)
Derrick Harris (guitar),
Graham Hearn (piano),
Garry Jackson (bass),
Pete Fairclough (drums)
 Tony Faulker and the score

Andy Hillier.

Alan Ladds and Katie Hawcutt

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