Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Suprise start to 2011

Having missed one gig I intended to go to I thought that Jan 2011 was going to be a slow month for me...
Until I was contacted by Saville and Chrome recording studios to come in and take some photos, Tommy Evans and his orchestra were recording The Green Seagull Suite...
From what I heard (in the studio) this is going to be a CD worth buying when it comes out.

Tommy Evans talking drums? with Kris Wright

Tommy Evans conducting

Jamil Sheriff with some of the horn section in the background

Sax Section

Dave Kane boxed in

Kris Wright having a run through

Trumpets playing up

Tommy and Barkley listening to the play back

The Tommy Evans Orchestra consists of:
Conductor: Tommy Evans;
vocals: Kari Nergaard-Bleivik, Ruby Wood, Anna Stott;
trumpet and flugelhorn: Matt Roberts, Bobby Beddoe;
saxophones: Russ Henderson, Si Kaylor, Rob Mitchell;
guitar: Nick Tyson;
piano: Jami Sheriff;
bass: Dave Kane;
drums and percussion: Kris Wright

Thanks to all of them for letting me come in and take photos, also to Saville and Chrome recording studios for inviting me.

As ever there are more photos of the session on my flickr page

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