Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Chapel Allerton Arts Festival day 3

Day 3 (5/9/2010) was the Jazz day...
A great line up of local talent, The Magic Hat Ensemble were there, but more of them in Scarborough!
I have to say that outdoor photography is becoming more out of my comfort zone than I thought it ever would!
Here are some shots of
Richard Ormrod’s “A Dread Supreme”
Richard on tenor, baritone, alto saxes, Simon Pugsley, trombone, Chris Campbell, guitar, Bob Birch, organ, synths, Alex Davis, bass, Spear, percussion, Sam Hobbs, drums

If you hear they are around definately worth checking them out.

And rounding off the day was Rod Mason’ s Elements
Richard Hammond (bass) Richard Wetherall (piano) Dave Walsh (drums)

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